Happy Autumn!

Happy Autumn!

Phew, it's been a strange old year! On the one hand we can't believe it's October, and the other hand it feels like it's been ten years since Spring.

We're not sure about you, but we think it's never been a better time to keep healthy and active, spending as much time as we can outdoors in the fresh air. This is exactly what we've been doing, hitting the UK trails in the new gear, and putting it to the test through the ever changing weather. We're compiling a list of the UK's most beautiful walks as we speak, so if you have any suggestions please drop us a message!

This week sees the launch of our new unisex fleece, including fleece vests, as well as two outdoor jackets that will take you seamlessly from the summit to the street. Our Burns jacket and Kearney jacket combine technical snow specs with a classic coach style silhouette, which make looking good and staying dry effortless. We're all for blending comfort and style, and these products serve up just that.

Both the new season fleece and jackets are made using recycled materials, which gives them planet-friendly bonus points. Following on from our 40th year last year, we've reverted to our classic logo and it's here to stay. On the odd piece you'll see some heritage branding in the form of our 3 boarder logo, with our classic branding on everything else for that old school Westbeach charm. It's a real nod to our roots, but with a modern twist.

We'll be going into more detail about our new products in our next blog post, so watch this space!

Snow gear wise, we've got loads of delicious colour ways all live on the site from our 19/20 range, if you haven't already, then take a little browse here. We're stoked about this collection and it went down a storm with our riders across the globe. Aside from shouty 90s prints and toned down branding, the range is built from 100% recycled plastics, including Repreve® wadding for the insulation. Repreve® fabric is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, to date they've recycled over 20 BILLION plastic bottles which really helps us sleep better at night. You can check them out here. 

20 billion is a hard figure to digest, so to give you some context, 1 billion bottles placed end to end could circle the earth five times. So just multiply that by 20 and you can see how impressive it is! Check back later this month for more on Repreve® and the incredible work they're doing.

Our Plant a Tree scheme is still going, which means for every order we get on our website, at least one tree will be planted via Trees For the Future. These guys are awesome and they have some amazing projects on, more to come on that in the next few weeks.

So this is all from us for now, but less about us, how have you been? Drop us a message on social, let us know. Always nice to hear everyone's updates.

Speak soon! 

The Westbeach Team x