Plastic bottles to snow wear

Plastic bottles to snow wear

To produce our snow wear, we use recycled Repreve® fabric. This fabric is a high performance fibre, we use it for both the insulation and outer fabric.

Repreve® has to date recycled over 16 billion bottles. They are aiming to reach 20 billion in total by 2020. By wearing snow wear that supports Repreve®, you become part of this exciting journey heading towards a 20 billion benchmark. 

It can be tricky to comprehend these figures, so let’s give you some context. 14 billion bottles are enough to go around the world seventy times, if you were to lay them end to end. That is 2.8 million kilometres - a fair old distance! So far, through the recycling of 14 billion bottles, 385 million kilograms of CO2 has been avoided. This offers a better level of air quality and reduces the overall impact co2 has on the environment and the planet.

The scale of environmental pollution might be bigger than you think.

One million plastic bottles are bought worldwide every minute.

In the UK alone, we use approximately 13 billion plastic bottles every year, with only 57% of these being recycled after use. Although this is improving year on year, it is far from efficient.  In Norway, plastic bottles are sold with a small deposit, which is refunded when the empty bottles are returned. It is funded by unclaimed deposits and levies on drinks manufacturers. The result? More than 97% of bottles being recycled annually!

It takes five to six plastic bottles to make a recycled running vest or technical t-shirt. That’s five or six bottles saved from entering our ocean or disrupting wildlife ecosystems.