The evolution of an iconic snowboard logo

The evolution of an iconic snowboard logo

From 1979 to 2020

Since our founding in Canada in 1979, our branding has seen tweaks and changes as we’ve moved through different decades, and evolved as a brand.

 Our main 'Flagdot' logo pictured below, is an iconic emblem in the snowboarding world, and remains our most notable logo to this day.

Westbeach 90s snowboardingThe logo embodies everything Westbeach was, and is about. Over the years we’ve had other logos, which we’ll briefly touch on below.

 Let’s go right back to the very beginning. Originally, in 1979, Westbeach was a surfing brand, evolving towards snowboarding in the late eighties.

Our very first original brand logo was the ‘3 Surfer logo’. As our outdoor pursuits changed, so did our logo, and so the surf boards transformed into snow boards.

Westbeach original three surfer logo

Westbeach Canada Spring 1991 catalogue with three boarder logo

Westbeach snowboard original boarder logo
This playful logo is still used occasionally, mostly for retro inspired garments, hoodies and tees. You might have spotted it embroidered on our popular '4 Decades' snow jacket, pictured below, and Kingman Bib pant in black, released last year to celebrate our 40th year.
Westbeach three boarder logo

Westbeach 4 decades jacket

In the past 5 years we developed the 'Mountain peak' logo, a modern option in addition to our more retro logos. The idea was to give the branding a fresh, clean update, with a subtle nod to mountains and the outdoors.

Westbeach new logo

Westbeach new logo

The Mountain peak logo was more of a minimal, sporty look for us and this logo served us well for a good few years as we branched out in to other areas of outdoor apparel. After careful deliberation, we decided to discontinue it due to customer feedback and our future vision for the brand. The new logo risked alienating our old school snowboarding base, some of whom have supported us since the eighties. Canada might not be our current home, but it is our core heritage and we felt this needed to be communicated through our branding.

Our customers are like family to us - and while we may not always agree, we really do care, and we do listen!

Westbeach original Canadian logo

Westbeach logo

Back to our roots

2019 marked our 40th birthday, so it seemed only fitting to unveil our updated Flagdot logo.

Now in 2020, the logo resembles the original Flagdot with a slight twist. Paying homage to our Canadian roots, with a contemporary update to the text, the logo fuses old and new which really embodies what we’re doing as a brand.

The Flagdot symbolises our heritage, so we made this the focal point of the logo. With the emphasis placed on this rather than the text below, this is the main shift from previous years. 

Today our team operates from the UK, but it’s really important to us not to forget our Canadian heritage. Canadian customers can still shop Westbeach online, as we ship worldwide. 

Westbeach new logo

Our goal has always been to design quality snow gear for people to enjoy for years and years. Our priority has been, and always will be, product quality. Increasing product life span is our mission, and is the best way we can reduce our environmental impact. We want our products to be loved for years and years, repaired not replaced when worn, and passed down to loved ones. 

Taking aesthetic inspiration from the past and bringing the benefits of modern tech, such as high performance fabrics, recycled materials and improved product testing have all helped us get closer to achieving this goal. 

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