Brand Ambassadors

Do you love Westbeach?

We're guessing you're quite fond of us, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

You've come to the right place if you're keen on representing us! 

What does it mean to be an ambassador?

In short, it means representing us and helping to spread the word that we're awesome.
In other words, wearing our gear and saying nice things about us to anyone and everyone.

How to join team Westbeach

Anyone involved in snowboarding - in some capacity- can apply. Collaboration has always been a part of our brand, since our early days in the eighties and nineties. We love working with like minded people who can’t get enough of the outdoors, people who are hungry for fun and adventure. We don’t care about huge follower counts. We’re more interested in authenticity - people that fit our brand culture. A smaller following will do just fine, all we ask is that your friends are actively engaged in the type of content you post online. We also ask that the content you provide - be it photography, film or blogs, is of a high quality, just like our products! That's only fair - right?

We are interested in hearing from people of all skill levels. Don't be scared off it you're not a professional, you may just be starting out. As long as you have the passion, the drive and a creative eye (or a friend with a great camera who never leaves your side) we would love to hear from you.
To apply, email with a brief intro of who you are, what you’re interested in and where you’re based, with links to unbelievably amazing visual content you've created. This can be on blogs, a website, or ideally a social media page like instagram.
Speak soon!